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About Us

“WoodWorld” LLC

  • Wood World LLC was established in 2012. Our company has made great strides towards their goals in the production of bed – guest – bedding – children’s and young room – garden and kitchen furniture and is providing daily product quality and customer service. Our factory provides customer service with the latest technology and equipment used by experienced professionals on the road to Baku Novkhani. Our company is combining a new generation of high technology with the highest quality materials in the industry to get the best results. Our model collection is renewed each year in parallel with the needs, developments and changes that we face in the sector.
  • With a large family of managers, employees, suppliers and customers, Wood World continues to deliver quality service strategies before and after sales, with teamwork at every level listening to their customers and finding the best solutions for them.

All purchased furniture is delivered free of charge

The furniture can be purchased with BirKart for a 6-24 month credit.